That Perfect Dress

An interactive platform where the clients can design their own dresses.

The brief
To develop a web app so that the clients can design and create bespoke pieces for various occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, conferences etc.

The result
“Start designing” i.e create your own dress kept the client engaged.

The app helped its clients to have access to high end fashion as well as design an outfit which would perfectly suit their personality. The end users of the company were delighted with the experience they had while using the app.

The tech
The “start designing’ is a platform where the customers have the freedom and choice to design a dress from scratch and later purchase that dress.

It was a challenge to put all the data together which comprised of various types of fronts for the dress, the back, sleeves, collar , fabric and all other minute details.

But in the end ,we , That Perfect Dress and their customers were pleased with how the ‘create your own design’ functions.

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