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Requirement Analysis

This phase is critical to the success of the project. Expectations are fleshed out in great detail and documented. The crucial purpose of this phase is to find the need and to define the problem that has to be solved.


There is usually a big gap between the original idea and the final code. Bridging this gap entails all parties involved coming to a consensus of what features the software will include, and how they'll relate to each other.


Gathering early feedback is crucial to all development projects. The biggest benefit is finding something that can be shown early on in the development process, when nothing concrete has yet been programmed. Wireframes provide an excellent solution to this problem.


UI is the saddle, the stirrups and the reigns. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse and rope your cattle. The quality of your mobile app or software project starts with the brilliance of UI/UX.


It is time for our development team to change status of their chat windows to DND. Programmers are occupied with encoding, designers are involved in developing graphic material. It is during this phase that the project becomes visible.


Quality is at the heart of what we do.
Our quality assurance team is committed to helping clients release software that is fit for purpose.


The software is installed on a UAT server where the client/user performs their own testing after we do our own QA. The bugs found during the UAT are taken care of. Once the bugs are fixed, software is released to the world.


Our dedicated and experienced support team are always on hand to provide immediate assistance, whatever the size of the problem or the issue that needs resolving.