NM Archive

The Naval & Military Archive is full of invaluable resources that can help people find out about their ancestors' military past
Website, Software

The brief
The challenging brief required us to build a system which could search millions of records and display results in a fraction of a second whilst, at the same time, was intuitive and user-friendly.

The website contains 8.8 million servicemen's records and 4,500 official WWI scanned diaries.

The result
A back-end software was developed to power the website. Search results were divided into clear categories to help users find information fast and easily. The website was built to work seamlessly across all devices.

We coded a simple-to-use but technologically advanced javascript tool to read the diaries across all devices. Users were able to zoom/pan the diaries for easy reading.

Click on the following link to visit the website www.nmarchive.com
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